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What an exciting age in which to live. All the medical and technological advances, the exploration of space and the information age. Yes! these are exciting times. Yet, these are also challenging times. War rages around the globe, poverty and gang violence, a breakdown in civility and morality, empty lives and lonely people, for many life seems out of balance, this world seems out of balance.

The Good News is that whether you are experiencing the highs or lows of life there is a source that can bring balance and peace, fulfillment and meaning, hope and joy, to your life.

A relationship with God through Jesus Christ brings all this and more. His teachings are life giving. His example is transforming. His sacrifice is all encompassing. His resurrection is all powerful and His love is everlasting. We preach Jesus and Him crucified. He is the answer to the world's dilemma.

Greater than governments, greater than military might, greater than terrorism, greater than hatred or greed, racism or bigotry, He is the way. We recommend Jesus to you and pray that you are embracing a Faith with power to transform your life and the world.

Again, welcome and God bless you!